Practice Log for Saturday, 7 Jul 2018

more right-hand technique for tremolos July 7, 2018 music classical
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
technique 23:28 23:50 tremolos
repertoire 23:50 00:11 chaconne

I practiced about twenty minutes of tremolos, focusing on playing with as little of the finger tip as possible on the right hand. This does make the sound a lot brighter, though, so I think there might be a sweet spot to hit.

Wrist angle also seems to make a difference. I remember seeing in the video that the guitarists make their wrist more parallel to the strings.

For the chaconne, I practiced only the part marked resoluto to the beginning of the arpeggio section. I focused on the little bits that seem to mess me up, which is usually the fingering on the runs. I might have to look at those more closely next time.

Randy Josleyn teacher-linguist-guitarist wannabe