Practice Log for Tuesday, 3 Jul 2018

I continue refreshing Chaconne on Easen’s guitar July 3, 2018 music classical
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
technique 23:35 23:43 tremolo with arpeggios
repertoire 23:44 01:56 chaconne

Basically, I did more of what I did yesterday. I played random arpeggios, mostly in C, with the m-i-m-a tremolo pattern from the video I watched.

After that, I more or less played through the Chaconne several more times to help myself remember it better. It’s coming along. I also looked at several tricky chord transitions and one of the arpeggio sections. Later, I’ll add some examples for future reference.

My method is a little unprincipled—this will probably contribute to the length of time needed to be able to play it through to that point. I should focus more on playing lengths of music from memory to test myself more directly on my stated goal.

Next time, I’ll continue until I can play through the piece up till where I had it before. There’s a lot to remember, though, so this will take several days of practice to get it back up to speed.

Randy Josleyn teacher-linguist-guitarist wannabe