Practice Log for Sunday, 1 Jul 2018

I practice tremolos and look at Chaconne July 1, 2018 music classical
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
warm-up 14:40 00:00 tremolo
repertoire 14:47 14:59 dee (rhoads)
technique 15:25 00:00 tremolo
repertoire 20:41 21:00 chaconne (segovia)
repertoire 00:47 01:13 chaconne (segovia)

I only played Easen’s nylon string guitar today. I played a simple p-i-m-a pattern tremolo for a warm-up.

Yesterday, I thought about playing Flamenco guitar, so I watched a video or two on it today. One of them I watched in Spanish, and that guitarist is clearly more qualified to teach the tremolo technique than anybody else because of his language, so I went with his technique. He plays arpeggio notes with his thumb, with m-a-m-i after each bass note.

One thing I was able to get from the automatic closed captions was that I should practice the technique with chords and a melody to avoid boredom when practicing the technique. Indeed, I have tried to learn this technique before, and boredom is an obstacle.

I noticed a common element from the technique presented in several videos: they are often played in groups of five notes, which is probably what contributes to the rolling quality of the sound at higher speeds.

Next Time

I’m going to continue reading through Segovia’s transcription of Bach’s Chaconne in D minor tomorrow. I learned a bit of this piece years ago, but due to the difficulty and my lack of classical skill, I didn’t continue. I need to refresh my memory so that I can play up to where I had gotten last time (about 4m38s in).

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